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Affinity Complex Boron 15% 

Elemental analysis (W/V%)



A specialised formulation to complex Boron, ensuring optimal uptake and nutrient metabolism.

Affinity Complex 15% Boron is complexed to increase boron plant availability and metabolism. Boron is an element that does not translocate well. A plants natural method of uptake is through mass flow in the soil. For this reason boron as a foliar can often be in effective. The use of complexed boric acid ensures that boron applied is able to metabolised by the plant.


Boron is critical for sugar movement, cell division, root growth and cell wall structure. Often boron is applied prior to flowering to ensure improved pollination, however in boron deficient soils, the application of boron should be considered as part of premium foliar program. 

Affinity Complex 15% Boron Label

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Affinity Complex 15% Boron SDS

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