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Affinity Liquid N 32%

Elemental analysis (W/V)%

Nitrogen (as Urea)...........................32%

Affinity Liquid N is formulated using extremely pure and soluble low to zero biuret tech grade urea. Our manufacturing partners produce over 50,000,000 litres of liquid urea per annum, giving us excellent supply and bulk purchasing opportunity.

Foliar sprays are a useful supplement to soil applications of nitrogen, but they cannot replace them entirely. It is generally not possible to provide crops with their complete nitrogen requirements through foliar sprays without damaging the leaves. However, crops with a large leaf surface area, such as citrus, may be able to receive most of their nitrogen through foliar sprays.


For most other crops, only limited amounts of nitrogen can be applied directly to the foliage. Foliar applications are typically used during periods of high crop nutrient demand or to overcome temporary nitrogen deficiency caused by external factors such as waterlogging or post-irrigation stress. Urea is absorbed quickly by the leaves and bark of trees and plants, and responses to urea applied in this way are almost immediate. Most of the urea will have entered the plant within 2 hours of application, and absorption is almost complete within 2 days.

There is often discussion about liquid urea vs UAN vs Granular urea. We know that liquid urea is more effective than granular urea per unit of applied N. This is due to less volatilisation and less stages in converting to nitrates. However granular urea is much cheaper to buy and spread. As such the determining factors such as rain fall, soil structure, organic carbon and operational capabilities impact what is best. 

When comparing UAN with urea the main difference is that UAN contains a mix or urea, ammonium and nitrates. Nitrates and more plant available but can leach more. Again, soil type, conditions and external factors impact the best application decisions.

Applying Affinity Activate will certainly improve the value of both liquid urea and UAN.

Affinity Liquid N 32% label

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Affinity Liquid N 32% SDS

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