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Affinity Natural Kelp is manufactured using a natural extraction method. Essentially the raw material Durvillaea potatorum (Tasmanian Bull Kelp) is naturally fermented using heat and specific enzymes to ensure the hormonal benefits are available to the plant.


ABT Natural Kelp will provide an abundance of natural hormones and other physiological benefits. These benefits are related to improved root growth, increased cell division, improved frost and heat resistance and a reduction in senescence rates. 

ABT Natural kelp is compatible with acid based liquid fertilisers and ag chemicals.

Refer to technical notes about the hormonal benefits of kelp for more information.

Affinity Natural Kelp

Durvillaea potatorum (Tasmanian Bull Kelp) manufactured using a cold pressed natural enzyme extraction method.

Affinity Natural Kelp label

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Affinity Natural Kelp SDS

Cover Photo.png
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