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Affinity Copper 6% Organic Chelate

Elemental analysis (W/V%)



Using no less than 5% fulvic acid concentrate in the solution.

Copper acts as a catalyst for photosynthesis and respiration. Its a constituent of several enzymes and is involved in building and converting amino acids to protein. It is critical for carbohydrate and protein metabolism and will directly impact fruit sugar levels and flavor. Copper is also critical for cell wall formation (lignin).


Fulvic Acid is regarded as the most premium organic complexing agent. This is due to its multiple mode of action types. The affinity per gram of fulvic acid is the highest out of any complexing agents. 

Affinity complex copper is formulated using the highest grade of fulvic acid available ensuring the best possible results and value for money.

Affinity Complex 6% Copper Organic Chelate label

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Affinity Complex 6% Copper Organic Chelate SDS

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