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Fulvic acid is the fraction of humic substance that is soluble in both alkaline and acid solutions. It is very complex and combined with a very low molecular weight it has the ability to improve leaf surface nutrient uptake and nutrient translocation in the plant.  A quality fulvic acid has the best complex organic chelation capacity out of alll organic adjuvants including phenolic acid, amino acids and lignosulphonates.


ABT fulvic acid is manufactured using the highest quality fulvic acid available. To ensure our quality we test our fulvic acid at Federation University under a specific testing regime to ensure the fulvic acid purity. Fulvic acid is extracted from peat mines and as such are not manufactured in Australia. Most fulvic acids are imported. The value proposition of fulvic acid is reduced calcium (as this reduces complexing capacity). Other key factors are complexity and heavy metal testing. ABT fulvic acid will deliver improved cation nutrient uptake, translocation and plant tissue utilization at a significantly increased level than cation nutrients applied to the leaf with out ABT fulvic acid.

See technical notes for detailed information regarding fulvic acid.

Affinity Premium Fulvic Acid 10% liquid and 90% FulvoMax Powder

Liquid elemental analysis (W/V%)

Fulvic Acid.................15%

Powder elemental analysis (W/W%)

Fulvic Acid.................90%

Affinity Fulvic Acid 10% Label

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