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Humic Acid is the fraction of organic matter that contains very high active carbon and contributes to a soils cation exchange capacity (CEC). CEC is the soils capacity to hold and exchange nutrients that hold a positive charge known as a cation. Humic acid is a bio stimulant and will promote improved soil microbe diversity and population leading to improved crop nutrition and resistance.

Many humic acids have varying quality and crop performance. ABT sources a very high quality humic acid tested to CDFA standards that ensures the product performs to optimal capacity.

Affinity Active Humic Acid also contains 6.25% fulvic acid for improved efficacy.

Refer to technical information for more details on humic acid.

Affinity Humic Acid

Elemental analysis (W/V%)

Humic Acid..............20%

Fulvic Acid..............6.25%

Liquid humic acid, quality tested at Western Laboratories using the CDFA method.

Affinity Active humic acid label

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