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Affinity HydroCAL

Elemental analysis (W/V)%




Using humic acid and fulvic acid as the carrier for the elements. Product contains over 25% organic acid concentrate.

Affinity HydroCAL is a unique formulation consisting of the most soluble form of calcium available. HydroCAL is an excellent calcium option with the added benefit of biological stimulants. Designed for improved calcium uptake, you will see improved soil and root structure, fruit quality and plant health.

HydroCAL contains a very high level of organic acids that act as a biostimulant and increase the cation exchange capacity to ensure calcium remains readily available to the root tips.


Most importantly the key attribute of applying HydroCAL is improved water use efficiency and sodium / salinity buffering.

HydroCAL is used in conjunction with magnesium sulphate to improve pasture taste and reduce poor pasture associated issues. 

Affinity HydroCAL Label

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Affinity HydroCAL SDS

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