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Affinity Moly Phos Complex 25% 

Elemental analysis (W/V%)



A specialised formulation to complex Boron, ensuring optimal uptake and nutrient metabolism.

Affinity 25% MolyPhos complex is a highly available and compatible form of molybdenum. Molybdenum does not translocate well in the plant, however Affinity MolyPhos Complex is manufactured to ensure molybdenum can be absorbed, translocated and metabolised effectively.

Molybdenum is critical for protein development and nitrogen fixation. Molybdenum is required to convert nitrates to ammonium in the plant, which is used to produce amino acids and protein. Soils that are low in pH or generally sandy in nature will result in low molybdenum availability.

Affinity 25% MolyPhos Complex Label

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Affinity 25% MolyPhos SDS

Cover Photo.png
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